Django Blog Zinnia

Your open-source Weblog built on top of Django.

Simple yet powerful and really extendable application for managing a blog within your Django Web site, Zinnia has been made for publishing Weblog entries and designed to do it well.

Basically any feature that can be provided by another reusable app has been left out. Why should we re-implement something that is already done and reviewed by others and tested ?

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One blogging app,
to rule them all !


  1. Many widgets
  2. Responsive design
  3. Reusable templates
  4. Ready to use default theme
  5. Compass and Sass3 integration
  6. Presentation free markup templates
  7. Templates for various content entries
  8. Templates for categories, dates, etc...


  2. Microformats
  3. Search engine
  4. Archives views
  5. Gravatar support
  6. Syndication feedsd
  7. Internationalisation


  1. Sitemaps
  2. Internal linking
  3. Ping directories
  4. Collaborative works
  5. Hierarchical categories
  6. Login/password protections
  7. Prepublication and expiration